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Precision Ag

Take Your Farming to the Next Level

Legacy Equipment Precision Ag Services

If you're looking to improve your planting, spraying, or harvest, we have the solution for you! Legacy Equipment has a highly trained team of Precision Ag Specialists who will help you maximize your harvest yields and your profits.


John Deere Technology Advances Us Forward

John Deere is the leading innovator for technology in the farming industry. They strive to make every crop matter with constant improvements to systems and processes. Precision ag technology can produce higher yields and less waste, resulting in saved money and less operator fatigue. Precision ag targets these areas by having more accurate planting and precise spraying of pesticides using GPS and satellite technology. See the latest technology, including AutoTrac and JDLink, at Legacy Equipment in Missouri and Arkansas.

Using Precision Ag Technology on Your Farm

Precision ag technology pushes us into a new phase of farming. Reducing manual labor, tractors can now run entirely remotely and not require you to run it from the cab. Free your time to complete other tasks on your farm, and have more accurate passes with your tractor guided by the Starfire Receiver system. The Starfire uses multi-constellation satellites for faster reception, getting accuracy within less than an inch. Cut down on boundary drift year over year, and use John Deere precision ag technology.

Exciting Innovation

The world continues to grow in population and is expected to have an additional 2 billion people by the year 2050. This significant increase means we will have more people to feed, working on the same amount or less land. John Deere recognizes this and has begun planning now. We must be more efficient, have higher yields, and have minimal lost crops. To achieve these goals, John Deere has focused on technology to begin working with AI and automated systems. Have tractors work day and night without an operator, and recognize when individual plants are ready for harvest rather than fields. As we push into the future, John Deere leads the way with exciting innovation and technology.

Advanced Farm Monitoring with AutoTrac and JDLink

Have your farm equipment work for you and use systems from John Deere, such as AutoTrac and JDLink. AutoTrac allows your John Deere tractor to navigate your fields independently more accurately than we can. It eliminates operator fatigue, overlapped areas and stays on course using GPS. JDLink provides you with all the information about your tractor's performance, such as when it will need service or gas, its current location, and how many hours it has run. Manage your farm more efficiently with John Deere's technology, including AutoTrac and JDLink. 

Information on John Deere Technology in Southern Missouri and Arkansas

Not sure where to start in exploring John Deere's newest technology? Legacy Equipment is trained on all the latest features and releases from John Deere. We will help you with all the tips and tricks for using this technology and make you the local expert. For information on John Deere's technology and how it can be utilized in your operation, see Legacy Equipment in southern Missouri and northeast Arkansas.

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