Man taking advantage of the 4-wheel steering on the 2024 X500 Lawn Tractor

X500 Select Series John Deere Lawn Tractors For Sale

X500 Series John Deere lawn tractors at Legacy Equipment will help you complete your residential mowing jobs faster than before. With seven models, you can customize based on engine, steering type, mulch control options, and more. Mower deck sizes for these lawn tractors come in 48" and 54". Attachments for the lawn tractor will help keep your lawn clean, fertilized, and more. Get all service and regular maintenance on your lawn tractor taken care of at Legacy Equipment in Missouri and Arkansas.

X500 Select Series Lawn Tractor Models

The X500 Select Series lawn tractor has seven models, with horsepower options of 24 and 25.5. Differences for these include low-effort 2-wheel steering, power 2-wheel, and power 4-wheel steering. Warranties for all these lawn tractors are standard, with a 4-year/500-hour warranty. Financing is available on all X500 Series lawn tractor models; talk with our team at Legacy Equipment to learn more. 

Mower Deck Sizes of X500 Series Lawn Tractors

The X500 Series John Deere lawn tractors come in two mower deck sizes, 48" and 54". Listed below are the horsepower, mower deck size, and steering for each:

  • X540: 24 HP / 48" Mower Deck / Low-effort 2-wheel
  • X570: 24 HP / 54" Mower Deck / Low-effort 2-wheel
  • X580: 24 HP / 54" Mower Deck / Power 2-wheel
  • X584: 24 HP / 48" Mower Deck / Power 4-wheel
  • X584: 24 HP / 54" Mower Deck / Power 4-wheel
  • X590: 25.5 HP / 48" Mower Deck / Power 2-wheel
  • X590: 25.5 HP / 54" Mower Deck / Power 2-wheel
  • John Deere X500 Lawn Tractor Attachments

    X500 Series lawn tractor attachments include several tools to help with your lawn care. MulchControl kits will help distribute clippings onto your lawn to produce a healthier and better-looking lawn. In winter, snow blowers can be attached to clear your sidewalk or driveway quickly. Small trailers can be towed behind the X500 Series, allowing easy dirt transportation or garden tools. See all the available attachments for the X500 Series at Legacy Equipment.

    Service on Lawn Tractors at Legacy Equipment

    Legacy Equipment provides service for lawn tractors in Missouri and Arkansas. Whether you need an oil change or have a broken blade, our team is here to help. With a 4-year/500-hour warranty on our X500 Series lawn tractors, remove the hassle of worrying about your equipment breaking down. If you wish to repair your lawn tractor on your own, we will provide you with the proper OEM John Deere parts. For all your service and repair needs on lawn tractors, contact the experts at Legacy Equipment.

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