Standard Duty Rotary Cutters For Sale at Legacy Equipment 

Standard duty rotary cutters for sale at Legacy Equipment help you complete all your grass trimming jobs quickly and efficiently. You can customize your needs with seven models with working width and hitch categories. Rotary cutters have a wide range of industries they can be used for, including agriculture, construction, forestry, and more. When deciding which rotary cutter is best for you, talk with our experts at Legacy Equipment for assistance.

Standard Duty Rotary Cutters Sizes

John Deere standard duty rotary cutters come in seven different models. Listed below are the sizes available and their hitch category:

  • Frontier RC2048: Working Width 48" / Hitch Category 1 & 2
  • Frontier RC2060: Working Width 60" / Hitch Category 1 & 2
  • Frontier RC2072: Working Width 72" / Hitch Category 1 & 2
  • Frontier RC2084: Working Width 84" / Hitch Category 2
  • Frontier RC4048: Working Width 48" / Hitch Category 1
  • Frontier RC4060: Working Width 60" / Hitch Category 1
  • Frontier RC4072: Working Width 72" / Hitch Category 1
  • Learn more about each rotary cutter's features and best uses at Legacy Equipment.

    Rotary Cutters Uses in Multiple Industries

    Rotary cutters available near Legacy Equipment have a wide range of uses. In the agricultural world, they are great for trimming fence lines, cutting down brush, and mowing large fields. Rotary cutters can also be used to help prevent wildfires by creating firebreaks. Clear out all vegetation from an area for construction to help prepare for site building. Also great for golf courses, airports, and more; speak with our team at Legacy Equipment to see how rotary cutters can benefit your line of work.

    How to Hook Up a Rotary Cutter

    Standard-duty rotary cutters can be hooked up easily to tractors with the iMatch QuickHitch. Open the two levers, back the tractor hook up over the middle of the Frontier rotary cutter, and lift the hook into place. Once there, lock the two levers and attach the PTO shaft. If you wish to change the cutting height, remove the bolt on the three-point hitch and adjust which hole the bolt is in. For more information, click this link on how to hook up your rotary cutter.

    Standard Duty Rotary Cutters in Missouri and Arkansas

    Find the standard duty rotary cutter best for you in Missouri and Arkansas at Legacy Equipment. Our team is here to answer all your questions on selecting the suitable model and get you great deals. Rotary cutters can be purchased individually or in a combo with a tractor. See our team at any of our seven locations to learn more.

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