Free-Stall Scrapers

  • Rubber edge is reversible and replaceable
  • Optional bolt-on back drag for tight areas
  • Attachment carrier removes quickly and easily
  • See brochure for loader series compatibility

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AE11E Series Free-Stall ScraperAE11E Series Free-Stall Scraper

The attachment carrier on the AE11E Series Free-Stall Scraper is designed to allow fast, easy removal and mounting of attachments without tools.

AE11E Series Free-Stall Scraper rubber edgeAE11E Series Free-Stall Scraper rubber edge

The AE11E Series Free-Stall Scraper has a reversible and replaceable rubber edge for extended life and easy replacement.

AE11E Series Free-Stall Scraper back dragAE11E Series Free-Stall Scraper back drag

With the optional bolt-on back drag for the Frontier AE11E Series Free-Stall Scraper, getting into tight areas is a snap. The back drag helps get to those hard-to-reach areas for a thorough cleaning.

Bolt-on back drag is perfect for tight areasBolt-on back drag is perfect for tight areas

The bolt-on back drag attachment allows operators to rotate the AE11 Series Free-Stall Scraper forward and move material away from a wall, obstacle, or other hard-to-reach areas.


The pullback assembly does not need to be removed to obtain maximum production of the free-stall scraper.


The field-installed bolt-on back drag attachments come in a variety of sizes for the free-stall scrapers.


Dimensions AE11
Current Model
Width243.8 cm
96 in.
Height71.1 cm
28 in.
Depth73.7 cm
29 in.
Cutting width243.8 cm
96 in.
Attachment carrier
Operational174.6 kg
385 lb
Shipping195 kg
430 lb
Thickness0.6 cm
0.25 in.
Height71.1 cm
28 in.
Skid shoes
Set-up time

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