Compact Utility Tractors

John Deere compact utility tractors enable you to tackle your outdoor tasks with their impressive power and ability to maneuver around tight spaces.

Utility Tractors

That's what you can expect with our 5 and 6 Series Utility Tractors. From working livestock to snow removal, these chore tractors bring the horsepower and versatility so you can haul, mow, bale and so much more.

Row Crop Tractors

The 6, 7, & 8 Series tractors are a culmination of multifunctional and multitalented large Row Crop tractors ready to take your row-crop, livestock or dairy operations forward.

4WD and Track Tractors

Browse our lineup of John Deere Four-Wheel-Drive and Track Tractors, including the 9RX. The perfect combination of power, performance and intelligence all wrapped up in a 4-Track.

Specialty Tractors

John Deere Specialty Tractors are equipped with diverse features and options to guarantee the perfect fit for the work you do. Our Specialty Tractors will protect your sensitive fruit and vegetable crops.

New John Deere Tractors For Sale in Arkansas and Missouri

There is no match for John Deere’s line of tractors in the market. Continually upping their game with high-quality machining, technology, and service, John Deere stands above the rest. Legacy Equipment provides an extensive line of new John Deere tractors at our locations in Missouri and Arkansas. Find the specific tractor models for your needs with new compact utility tractors, utility tractors, and more. Check out the John Deere 1-4 Series tractors for managing smaller jobs or the 5-6 Series for more demanding work. Stop at Legacy Equipment today to see the new John Deere tractors for sale.

Compact Utility Tractors

John Deere compact utility tractors will prepare you for all your tasks on the farm. Use them for distributing feed and manure management on a poultry farm or mowing large fields. Attachments for post-hole drilling will have that new fence line ready to go in no time. Need different models for multiple types of work? Sizes of horsepower range from 22 HP in Series 1 tractors to 65 HP in Series 4. When choosing the right compact utility tractor for your operation, Legacy Equipment is here to help.

John Deere Utility Tractors Available

John Deere utility tractors push through all conditions for larger jobs and heavy work. The 5075E is the perfect farm equipment for reliable and versatile uses. It boasts 73 HP and an optional 12F/12R PowrReverser transmission, allowing for effective maneuvering on all terrains. Use it for tilling and planting your rice fields or hauling equipment to and from the area. In Series 6, the 6130R utility tractor can be equipped with the CommandPro™ joystick. This customizable control allows you to take complete control. Easily adjust speed and direction for maximum precision. Get the most out of your fields with John Deere utility tractors at Legacy Equipment.

Row Crop Tractors in Arkansas and Missouri

Complete the most demanding jobs on your cotton field with John Deere row crop tractors. The line features John Deere series 6-8, with horsepower available from 145 HP to 400 HP. Attach disks or precision planters, and have your rice and cotton fields planted properly to expect the highest yield. With John Deere’s technology, have the seeds placed and the proper depth and spacing. Save the most time and effort, and see what John Deere’s row crop tractors can do for you.

Specific Tractor Models for Your Needs

When these other John Deere tractor models don’t fit your job, check out their line of specialty tractors at Legacy Equipment. Tractors such as the 5115RH offer a high profile for specialty crops, along with other high-crop tractor models. With an array of narrow tractors, use them to fit your specific needs. They are great for vineyards and orchards, preventing damage to vines or vegetation from a wider tractor model. Get a low-profile tractor when working in greenhouses, barns, or parks in the Arkansas and Missouri area. Having difficulty choosing which is best for your class of work? Visit Legacy Equipment, and our team will guide you through your specific tractor model selection process.

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