Man driving 8R 310 4WD Tractor on farm with sprayer attachment

8 Series John Deere Row Crop Tractors For Sale

Legacy Equipment offers the latest 8 Series John Deere row crop tractors to make your farm operation more efficient and technologically advanced. With three tractor types and models for each, narrow down your choice to the requirements of your field conditions. Attachments for the 8 Series include sprayers, tillers, harvesters, and more. With precision ag technology from John Deere, all the 8 Series tractors can provide you with an autonomous experience and high-quality data. Learn more by speaking with our team at Legacy Equipment.

8 Series Row Crop Tractors Models

The 8 Series Row Crop Tractor Features three types: the 8R, 8RT, and 8RX. Listed below are the main differences and models for each:

8R: Standard wheeled tractor
  • 8R 250, 8R 280, 8R 310, 8R 340, 8R 370, 8R 410
  • 8RT: Tracted tractor for improved stability and traction
  • 8R 310, 8RT 340, 8RT 370, 8RT 410
  • 8RX: Four-tracked tractor for maximum stability and traction
  • 8RX 310, 8RX 340, 8RX 370, 8RX 410

    The number in the model represents the horsepower amount for each. For more row crop tractor specs and info, contact our team at Legacy Equipment.

    8 Series Row Crop Tractor Attachments

    8 Series row crop tractors can attach all the necessary equipment to run your large-scale farming operation. With high-end planters, be able to plant your crops at the proper spacing and depth for better chances at a higher yield. Sprayers cover more ground and apply evenly through your fields to eliminate pests. If needed, cotton pickers are also attachable to 8 Series tractors. See all the available attachments for row crop tractors at Legacy Equipment in Missouri and Arkansas.

    8R 370 Specs

    The 8R 370 tractor is one of John Deere's larger wheeled tractors and provides 370 HP. Transmission options include an e23 PowerShift or Infinitely Variable Transmission. The interior cab is fitted out to offer you the ultimate comfort for working long days and nights. With three packages possible, choose between Select, Premium, and Ultimate. The Ultimate package includes heated leather seats and massage options. Find out more about the 8R 370 at Legacy Equipment.

    John Deere Tractor Technology

    John Deere's row crop tractor technology leads the industry and pushes innovation forward. Two main features that benefit farmers are AutoTrac and JDLink. AutoTrac allows your tractor to run autonomously, giving you time to complete other tasks simultaneously. It uses GPS technology to keep your tractor lines straight and reduce overlap. JDLink gives you up-to-date information on your tractor's health and performance, allowing you to make informed decisions and know when to service it. Check out all the benefits of John Deere technology for your operation at Legacy Equipment.

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